New Spring Foundation

New Spring Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation based in New Jersey dedicated to assist people who have been in prison by addressing their issues to achieve healthy, productive and meaningful lives for them and their families.

We believe that breaking the cycles of addiction, unemployment, crime, and imprisonment benefits everyone – victims, offenders, families, and communities.

We do this by treating our clients with dignity and respect and by encouraging them to take advantage of the life-changing tools we offer, we strive to fulfill our mission to help these men and women who are in need to rebuild their lives.

The specific purpose of New Spring Foundation is to provide spiritual and logistical support services for incarcerated individuals before and after their release to ease their transition to a successful reentry in to the society. In order to achieve this purpose, we undertake the following tasks:

  • Organize and administer religious , educational, motivational and recreational programs for ex-inmates and their families.
  • Help incarcerated and ex-inmates become responsible and productive citizens.
  • Aim to reduce crime by helping offenders and former offenders with the emphasis on motivation, self-esteem building and conflict resolution.
  • Try prevent recidivism by empowering former prisoners.
  • Establish close working and advisory relationship with other same objective interfaith organizations, suppport and advocacy groups as well as governmental agencies.
  • Work closely with referring agencies of city, county, state and federal jails and prisons, parole offices, and other service providers.

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